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Magnet Cove 500KV GIS Switchyard Malvern, Arkansas

New Gas Insulated Switchgear Switchyard.

Owner: Tractebel
Project Cost: $4,000,000.00
Start: June 2002
End: June 2003

General Scope of Project: This project involved the Design, Engineering, Procurement and Construction of a new 500kV (GIS) Gas Insulated Switchgear Switchyard. The scope of construction was to install a Control Building to contain the 500kV Gas Insulated Switchgear, Overhead Crane and Control Equipment. Outdoor Equipment included four (4) 500kV Breakers, all related Disconnect Switches, Bus work, Cable Installation, Duct Bank and Grounding. Also Interconnect the new Substation with Tratebel Generating Facility.

Summary of Services Rendered: EPB provided Engineering Services for the 500kV Substation preliminary layout. Coordination of all Interface between ABB and Tractebel. EPB provided all Procurement and Construction efforts for this project.


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