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New Substation, Switchyard, Transmission Line and Distribution System.

Owner: Fort Hood Department of Public Works
Project Cost: $6,000,000.00
Start: January 2003
End: January 2005

General Scope of Project: This project involved the Design, Engineering, Procurement and Construction of a new 138kV Switchyard, Four (4) miles of 138kV Transmission Line on Steel Poles, a new 138/35kV Distribution Substation and (10) miles of 35kV Overhead Distribution. The scope of construction was to install Circuit Breakers, Circuit Switchers, Transformers, Switches, Buswork, 35kV Switchgear, Duct bank, Control House, Pulling & Terminating of five (5) 35kV Distribution Feeders. Interconnect to local Utility 138kV Transmission System which included an Interstate Highway crossing.

Summary of Services Rendered: EPB provided the Engineering of the Electrical Substation components; Circuit Breakers, Circuit Switchers, Power Transformers, Switches, Structural Steel, Low Side Switchgear, Duct bank for Cable installation, Civil Engineering for Site layout and Foundations, complete construction of both Substations, the construction of four (4) miles of 138kV Transmission Line and ten (10) miles of 35kV Distribution which tied into the existing Fort Hood Distribution System at several locations.



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