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Traffic Signal Replacement with fiber optic interconnect

Owner: East Baton Rouge Parish Government, Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Project Cost: $10,000,000
Start: August 2008
Finish: September 2009

General Scope of Project: The major task of the project involved coordination of the Owner, the Engineering Team, the Contractor, and the Public to remove and replace most of the traffic control devices within the downtown area of a major city without interruption of normal traffic and pedestrian flow. This included removal of the existing traffic signal at 27 intersections and replacement with new decorative poles, LED signal heads, LED countdown pedestrian countdown signal heads, video detection, illuminated regulatory and street name signs. The intersections interconnected by "plug-and-play” fiber optics. A majority of the downtown sidewalks were removed and replaced with new ADA approved sidewalks and ramps.

Summary of Services Rendered: EPB provided Procurement and Construction Services for the project.



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